Rice Crispie Squares (or Baked Bean Cake)?

Our family have always referred to Rice Crispie Squares as Baked Bean Cake despite them a) not containing any baked beans and b) not being a cake. It just looks a bit like baked beans and the name kind of stuck. Then over the years I gave the recipe to other people and they too call this baked bean cake!

We make it with? two bags of plain dairy toffees and two bags of marshmallows (as long as the bags are similar sizes the recipe will work) and a knob of butter or margarine. Again don’t get too worried about the size of the knob of butter or margarine, it’s probably about a tablespoonful or so I would imagine.?

We always have a toffee and a marshmallow each (just to make sure they’re ok of course) before the rest go in the pan

  • 2 x bags of plain (non-flavoured) dairy toffees, unwrapped
  • 2 x bags of marshmallows
  • 1 tablespoonful (or large knob of) butter or margarine DO NOT use the low fat stuff as it will be all watery and horrible unless it’s marked up as suitable for baking
  • Rice Crispies. I normally buy the cheap supermarket own brand ones but you can buy the branded ones if you like.?

Line a baking tray with some grease proof paper if you have some and grease it with a little butter or margarine

Put the toffees, marshmallows and the butter into a large pan and over a gentle heat and stir constantly until the mixture is all melted evenly

Stir in rice crispies until it looks about the right amount. Add a few at a time and stir in. Eventually it will start to look about right.

Tip into a greased baking tray and press down

Leave to cool and cut into squares