There are some key ingredients which are handing to have in your kitchen cupboards, ready for when the baking bug strikes!?

Self-Raising Flour is a must for cakes. You can get wholemeal self-raising flour if you like a little extra fibre or enjoy the slightly nuttier taste

Plain Flour is great for Pancakes and Yorkshire Puddings and for making sauces and thickening stews and casseroles

Strong Flour and Dried Yeast sachets to make bread

Baking Powder helps cakes rise well?

Vanilla Essence gives baking that delicous vanilla taste

Caster Sugar is a finer sugar than granulated and great for cakes and biscuits

Demerara sugar is brown and great for flapjacks and Carrot cake

Soft Brown sugar is great in cookies and Flapjack

Golden Syrup is great drizzled on pancakes and in Flapjacks as well as in chocolate chip cookies and? syrup sponge

Icing Sugar is used for making icing and can be blended with butter to make butter cream or with water to make glace icing. If you add cream cheese it will become a great topping for carrot cake

Cherries, Sultanas, Currants, Raisins or Dried mixed fruit are all great for making scones or fruit loaf

Sprinkles to decorate cakes and buns

Bun Cases (or Muffin Cases) to make buns and muffins

Gluten Free Flours (optional)

There are gluten free flours available now, look on the free-from aisle in supermarkets or at good food stores.