The Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich

 wMama Coops Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich Recipe

Whoever invented the fish finger deserves a medal. For me, fish fingers are the ultimate comfort food. They’re quick, they’re cheap and they can lurk undisturbed in the freezer until needed. There’s no waste involved and what’s more (most) children will agree to eat them. Which has to be a bonus. 

This is very much a grown up dish but if you’re in need of a little nursery comfort, just slap the fish fingers between a couple of slices of white bread spread with ketchup on one side and mayo on the other..

  • Fish Fingers. I like either Pollock ones or Haddock but honestly any fish fingers will do
  • Ciabatta, Granary Bloomer or Sour Dough Bread (or if you haven’t got that, two slices of white bread per person)
  • Butter * optional
  • Tartare Sauce or Peri Peri mayonaise to taste (or if you prefer, salad cream)
  • Rocket, washed and dried. Or Iceberg or Romain Lettuce if you prefer
  • A fresh vine-ripened tomato, thinly sliced *optional
  • Cook the fish fingers as instructed on the packet. Ensure they’re piping hot 
  • Slice the bread. I normally slice the whole loaf in half lengthways to make an enormous (rather posh) bread bun.
  • Spread the bread with the butter if using
  • Lay the rocket on the base of the sandwich, top with tomato if using. 
  • Put the fish fingers on the top and spread a little tartare sauce/Peri Peri Mayo/Salad Cream or Mayo over the top of the fish fingers. Press the top of the bread gently onto the top of the sandwich and cut into portions.

Serve with salad and crisps or chips to taste

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Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper

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