Toad in the Hole is the ultimate in comfort food! Beautful Sausages nestled in golden, crispy Yorkshire Pudding Batter and served with lashings of Mashed Potatoes, gravy and peas! What’s not to love? 

If time is short you can make Toad AND the Hole by cooking sausages separately and serving with Yorkshire puddings (if time and energy is short as it sometimes is, frozen Yorkshire Puddings ‘will do’)

What you will need
  • Sausages. I normally use chipolatas but any flavour or thickness will be fine. If you don’t have many sausages just chop them into smaller bits with scissors
  • A little sunflower oil
  • One quantity of Yorkshire Pudding Batter
  • Gravy to serve

Pre-heat the oven to 220oC or Gas Mark 7

In an ovenproof, preferably metal dish, add the sunflower oil and the sausages. If using whole sausages prick each sausage with a fork

Cook for about 10-15 minutes until the sausages are starting to turn golden brown and the oil is hot

Pour over the Yorkshire Pudding Batter and place in the oven on a high shelf

Cook until golden and brown 

Serve with gravy and vegetables